Learn How To Promote an Event Via Online Methods


Social Media

I’ve learned a lot of media and entertainment industry trends and I do not need to seriously dwell on this. This is like one of the most leveraged methods of publicising anything today. But I’ll succinctly drop a few promotional ideas needed in getting the best off social media. 

Concentrate on the use of a few important social media platforms. You do not have to use all platforms. Just pick the ones that have more of your target audience and are relevant to the nature of the event. And make sure that you tailor the content on each platform to the modalities of the platform.

Other key promotional ideas to note are the use of social media contests before the event, use live videos on event day, invest in paid ads, ensure that your contents are convincing enough, get people engaged with your posts, include images in your posts, and use hashtags.

Creating events on online platforms with pre-selling tickets

Make sure that your ticket is made available on online platforms, this makes it easy for it to be purchased. It won’t be nice to give attendees a tough time trying to get the ticket. Use trustworthy sites in the sale of your ticket and make wise choices in the selection of payment methods.


Blogging is another online method that artistes turn to while promoting their events. Find blogs that post about your kind of music and event, and make sure they are blogs that drive high traffic. This should be able to gather attention to you.  

Email list

Email is one of the very useful methods for communicating directly with your audience. And this way, they get first-hand information from you, and can filter all the noise, and misinformation flying around on social media platforms

Resident Advisor 

This is an online tool for creating and promoting events, and not just events, but artistes and music alike. It is well-known to veterans in the industry. Well, don’t be left out of this goodness. It has been reviewed to be very effective in pushing events. So, it is a great way to start off promoting your event.

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