Just another star (Live)


Bullet For My Valentine

Waking the demon
N 4498
Walking the demon
N 4498
Hearts burst into fire
N 4378
Scream aim fire
N 4222
4 words
N 0327
Hand of blood
N 0328
Suffocating under words of sorrow
N 0648
Poison (Live)
N 2408
All these things i hate
N 2647
Tears don’t fall
N 3085
Cries In Vain (Live)
N 3078
Her voice resides (Live)
N 3080
Just another star (Live)
N 3081
No control (Live)
N 3082
Spit you out (Live)
N 3083
The end (Live)
N 3087
The poison (Live)
N 3088
4 words (To choke upon) Live
N 3076
Hand of blood (Live)
N 3079
Suffocating under words of sorrow (What can I do) (Live)
N 3084
Tears don’t fall (Live)
N 3086
All these things I hate (Revolve around me) (Live)
N 3077

Just another star (Live)

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